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So, you have joined the diabetic league. Or perhaps you're still on the fence; aka pre-diabetic. Well, you're in good company. Hell, we have all pretty much been groomed from birth. While first getting the news can be a swift kick in the jewels, you can, in fact, turn this on its head and become healthier and happier than you were before. The good news is the list of things that can help you control diabetes, although deceptively simple (in theory), is relatively short.


1. Get a good doctor, one who specializes in diabetes - an endocrinologist.

2. Learn as much as you can comfortably absorb about diabetes in general and more importantly how your diabetes is progressing. Knowledge truly is power. You can start with: What is Diabetes?

3. Take your medicine or insulin as instructed, only making changes under the direction of your doctor.*

4. Exercise daily - above and beyond your activities of daily living. Let's face it, most of us got here from poor life choices, failure to exercise is right up there with poor eating. Learn more in our Fitness section.

5. Eat fewer and BETTER calories. Almost everyone who has type 2 diabetes is overweight, to some degree. However, every pound you lose gives you better control over managing diabetes. Prioritize eating by the glycemic index (GI). View GI guidelines.

6. Control the level of stress in your life and how you respond to it.


*Note there are a number of things that you can do to reduce your need for medication, be sure to discuss these options with your doctor BEFORE altering from your prescribed course of treatment.

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